Make Money on Facebook Automatically using FBAuto Comment and Like

Maybe you would not believe, if in the online world, you can have a robot that will make money for you automatically. Robots in the online world can be shaped Software, Application, Virus Marketing, Plugins, and More. In this article I will only describe the software from Facebook Autocomment and Like.
Make money online by using the software Facebook Autocomment And Like.

As the name suggests, this software serves to provide comments and like automatically.
So, what are the benefits?
What if I told you? You can promote your products to thousands of Facebook Fanpage in just a few minutes. :)

The main display:

This is not my software, but this is a software created by a young man of Asian countries, exactly in Indonesia.

Ok .. Let's see how the setting of this software.
in this setting, users can freely choose the action of Bot, who is the target and what comments will be sent.

- Comment: This Textbox filled if we choose the action bot = Auto comment
- Signature: To provide a signature at the end of the comment.
- Mention Friend: For mention the name of a friend in the comments.
- Auto Confirm Friend: To perform an auto confirmation of friendship.
- Button Exception: To set an exception.
- Target : Target bot.
- Interval: Recurrence time it takes the bot to perform an action.

If all the settings are finished, click "Done"
all the settings you make will be saved automatically, so when you create new settings, you can still turning to the old settings.

How this could work?
See Video:

Okay friend, still a lot of software that you can use to Make Money Automatically.
Not will be enough if I explain in this article.

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