How to Make Money on Facebook Using is an online store that sells books, movies, games, dvd, cd music, computer software and other items. is the largest online store for now. Founded in 1994 at Manhattan by Jeff Bezos, a worker at DE Shaw.

Have you ever bought a product on amazon? or maybe you often spend your money to buy products on amazon. And maybe now is the time you can get hundreds of dollars from amazon.

by becoming an affiliate of Amazon, you will get a commission of about
4% - 8% of every product you sell. Whether the commission is very small?
Yes, if you sell goods worth $10. Then, what if you could sell goods worth $200 - $500, and it just from one product. You can promote many products, more products that you are promoting, the greater the income that you can get.

Do not worry about, whether you can sell a product or not? because the product at amazon is very easy to sell :) Especially if you use Facebook.

And then, How to Make Money on Facebook with Using

This will be very simple, yes! because you only need to use the Facebook Notes. Did you know? It is located under your profile picture. Excess of facebook note is the note can appear in google, and you can tag the note to your friends.

Ok, first step you need to apply to register as an affiliate amazon "Click Here"
The second you have to choose the product that you like, and get your affiliate link.
Third you must make a note of the product you choose.
Fourth, you promote the note on fan pages related to your product.
For example: you can write about Spongebob doll and put your records on fanpage spongebob.
search spongebob fan page.
Look ... a lot of your targeted prospects. ^_^

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