How to Make Money on Facebook with CPA

CPA (Cost Per Action) is a program on internet that will pay $0.25 - $80 for each "Registration" that you get. Your job is just get someone else to fill in email address or zip code, try products for Free or download the software for Free.

Example offer from CPA:
1. Register in program CPA.
2. Get affiliate link.
3. Promote the offers from cpa
4. Someone sign up on the offer that you submit
5. You get a commission around $0.25 - $80 for each registration.
List CPA that you can follow:
- Never BlueAds
Market Health
Rocket Profit
Hydra Networks
- Max Bounty

It easy friend, because you can offer a free product that have not been out on the market. And I'm sure everyone would want to sign up if given the offer to get a quality product, simply by filling in your email and zip code.

But, in the CPA program, you will also find many rivals. Yeah! if your competitors get the "registrant" in advance of you, then your income in the CPA will not be too large, because they have registered an email address and zip code. because of that, here is the time you use Facebook.
"Facebook it Wide, Fast, and Targeted"

Weaknesses of your competitors is because they use Google. :D
If you use google, then you must make a website website, articles, SEO must know and must compete with other sites.

If you use Facebook, you only need to promote your link. and as I told you. This is very easy, if you really know how.

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