How does Facebook Make Money?

Do you want to know how Mark Zuckerberg made billions of dollar from Facebook?

in Forbes Mark listed as the richest young man in 2011, with personal income reached $17.7 billion. 

This can exceed the richness of Google. of course that income derived from social media the successful he created by using Imagination and Creativity.

In Facebook homepage, Mark claiming that Facebook will be free for ever.

But managing the facebook is not easy, all it requires capital and hard work are very large. at the time was Mark not so require substantial capital investment because Facebook users are still fairly small. And now, that use facebook even almost reached 1 billion people.

Mark requires a very large storage server, also need to manage any existing script code in Facebook. And would require many employees, so that facebook can still be used.

Ok... and now, How Facebook Make Money?

Facebook get money from someone who wants to market their products on Facebook, and put an ad on facebook is quite expensive if an advertiser does not know how to use it properly. 
See the picture below:

You can try to get to your facebook account, and see the ads that are on the right side of your screen.
ads that is what will pay for facebook, and do you know? There are many companies that put ads on Facebook.

Besides facebook, you can also earn money by utilizing advertising on facebook. but you also can be quite a loss, if you do not know how to optimize the ads on facebook.
See the picture below:

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