How to Make Money on Facebook with Clickbank

From a variety of online business that I follow, Clickbank is an online business which I like, because Clickbank pays an average of  50-75% every product sold. So, if you sell products worth $ 100, then you will get a commission around $ 50 - $ 75. Imagine, how much money you can get, if you managed to sell 10 products in one day. 

Clickbank is very different from amazon, because Clickbank sell digital goods such as ebook and software. And the way you promote clickbank products also differ in the way you promote Amazon products.

Ok, follow these step:
1. Create account in
2. Select a category and a product that you really like
3. Get your affiliate link
4. Promote products that you select with Facebook
5. Earn income from Clickbank

But, is there a secret to getting money from clickbank?
yes! of course, although it looks very simple look of clickbank. but in which there is a secret how you can earn money quickly.

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