How to Make Money with Facebook Games

Games on Facebook become one of the concerns of the users of Facebook, and probably almost everyone who uses Facebook, ever tried the game on Facebook. And the game lovers in Facebook spent nearly 1-3 hours, maybe even more than that. 

Tips and tricks here, indeed I specialize to those of you who often play games on Facebook. So if you rarely play games on facebook, maybe these tips and tricks not suitable for you.

The answer is, by selling your Facebook account. But, your Facebook account must contain the popular Facebook game. and you have a high level in the game.
For example, if you have an account with Level 40 Ninja Saga, then you can easily sell at high prices. and the higher its level, it will be more expensive price of the account.

But, why would anyone else want to buy the Facebook game account?

If you are lovers of the game in facebook, then you'll know the reason. and if you want to know the reason, you should try to play one popular game on facebook. But remember! you only have to play the games that have a selling value. like:
- Zynga Poker 
- Ninja Saga
- FarmVille
- Restaurant City
- Dragon Age Legends
- Pirates : Rule the Caribbean!
And Much More ...

Easy way to sell your Facebook game account?
ok ... I assume you already have a gaming account with a high level and intend to sell it.
and in fact this step you should do first:

1. Create 1 facebook account for 1 popular game.
2. Add or confirm friends, just from that game lovers, for example Ninja saga.
3. Using the facebook search box. there you can find a buyer very easily.
4. Frequently talk with your gaming friends, there you will get lots of information. 
Including, who are in need of an account with a high level, and that means your buyer.

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This is my first time to know that Facebook games is also one of the many ways to make money online. I think I will now make another account in Facebook for games. Thank you for sharing this information and ideas to us.

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